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Free Fax2email Service. Get your free fax2email number Today! The introduction of the free Fax2Email service in South Africa enabled registered users to receive faxes in a digital format as an attachment through their own email client. When you register for the free Fax2Email service, the system automatically link's a 086 fax number to your email address. Any faxes received on this number are then converted to PDF and send to you as an attachment on the linked email address. Click on “Register Now” and get your own FREE Fax2Email number today!

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What is Free Fax2Email ?

Free Fax2Email is the receiving part of the total fax solution offered by Fax-to-Mail. If you want to receive a fax, free of charge in your email inbox, simply click on the “Register Now” button and get your own free Fax2Email number. Fax-to-Mail also offers a prepaid email2fax service, allowing users to send faxes from their PC, Mac’s or Mobile devices.

How does Free Fax2Email Work ?

When you register for the free Fax2Email service a 086 digital fax number is linked to your email address. Using a standard fax machine any one in South Africa that has your 086 number can now send you a fax.

When a new fax is sent to your 086 Fax2Email number a fax server on the Telkom backbone receives the analogue fax. The fax is then converts to digital format. In the same time the Fax2Email system looks up the email address that is linked to the active 086 fax number, attaches the convered fax to a new email and sends it out as an attachment on the email.

Because the email client is used as the rendering platform of the Fax2Email service it is now possible for any user on any operating system to use the free Fax2Email service. You can make use of Outlook, Mac mail, Gmail or anything ells - as long as you have an active internet connection and email account you’re in business.

You can receive the digital fax in TIFF or PDF format. The rendering format can be detriment in your personal web admin portal. With the new Fax2Email web portal it is now possible to keep track of your incoming faxes, save faxes to cloud storage and keep your user detail up to date.

If you do not have your own free 086 Fax2Email number, click on the Register Now button and get your own free Fax2Email service today!

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20 Benefits of Free Fax2Email

1. Receive simultaneous faxes to your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
2. Keeps you in touch any time, any where;
3. Provides the facility of receiving faxes without a dedicated telephone line or a fax machine;
4. There is no need to own a fax machine;
5. It will not cost you anything to receive faxes! The person sending you the fax will pay the cost as per normal procedure;
6. No Telkom lines or additional fax machines needed to receive faxes;
7. Save money on paper, toner and telephone costs;
8. View the fax on your PC and select only those pages you need to print;
9. Received faxes are easier to manage in digital format than hard copies;
10. Read/delete/print/save or forward faxes;
11. Saves you the cost of maintaining a fax machine;
12. Save paper and toner because you choose whether to print your faxes or to store, forward or sort them on your PC;
13. Keep faxes private as there is no paper lying around on a fax machine;
14. Pick up your faxes remotely from your office via internet;
15. No more hovering around the fax machine waiting for an important or private fax;
16. Clients will never get engaged tone again, can receive in excess of 400 faxes simultaneously;
17. Have multiple fax numbers per company.
18. Receive faxes for free.
19. Store your digital faxes in the cloud.
20. FREE Registration for the Fax2Email service.