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Email to Fax Solution - Online Email to Fax Service for South Africa. Email to Fax allows you to send a fax from your PC, Mac & Mobile device. No additional hardware or software required! Register now for fax to email and get free access to the email to fax service.

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What is Email to Fax / Web to Fax?

The email to fax service from Fax-to-Mail enables users to send faxes from their PC, Mac & Mobile device on a pay as you go basis. Utilising the existing email client of the user, no additional hardware or software is required to get started with the email to fax service. To send a fax is as simple as sending an email. If you have not registered for the free fax to email service incorporating the email to fax functionality, click on “Register Now” and get your faxes out today!

How does Email to Fax Work ?

Users can now send faxes from their standard email client by simply attaching the document that needs to be faxed to an outgoing email. Many clients choose this standard means for sending faxes for two reasons namely; no software needs to be downloaded on the PC or laptop; and the speed that this service can be activated.

Registering and activating the email to fax the service is FREE, but faxes that are sent will be charged on a pay as you go basis and the users account needs to be in the positive before a fax can be sent.

Organisations can decide to allow access to all staff, or can choose to allocate outbound rights to certain individuals. In the event of integration, Fax sending can be done directly from 3rd party applications.

After sending a fax with the email to fax service, clients will receive a delivery report via email.

Start sending faxes from your PC today, click on the Register Now button and get your own free fax to email account.

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How to Send a Fax by Email

    • Log into your preferred email client;
    • Create / Compose a new email;
    • Address your fax by entering the fax recipient’s contact information in the “To” field of the e-mail message. Sending a fax to a Pretoria fax number e.g. (012) 361 5130 you would need to insert the following into the “To” field : [email protected];
    • Ensure that there is no text in the subject line and the body of the email;
    • Using the “Attach” feature of your e-mail client, attach the document you would like to fax. You may attach up to five files per e-mail. The following documents are currently supported: .pdf, word, excel, text & tiff;
    • Click on "Send" to send your email to fax message. If there was an error the system will inform you. Once your fax is successfully sent you will receive a email notification confirming the amount of pages that was sent, the time it was sent, the number it was sent to and your balance remain on your account.